Mobil SHC Gear 460 – 20L


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Mobil SHC Gear 460

Mobil SHC Gear 460 has been created to offer a high, long-lasting level of protection for bearings and gears. The series of synthetic industrial gear greases has been tailored to ensure smooth, hassle-free operations, even when used at exceedingly high temperatures.

These lubricants have been produced using synthetic base ingredients with remarkable thermal and oxidation properties, plus impressive low temperature fluidity. A specific series of additives protect against wear and tear and the build-up of corrosive deposits.

Mobil SHC Gear 460 features and benefits

This Mobil product is a key player in gear and bearing lubrication, due to a spectrum of advantages that position this grease at the pinnacle of the market.

Resistance to deterioration at extreme temperatures

This oil offers exceptional resistance to degeneration. This remains the case even when used in extremely high temperature environments. This has a number of benefits. The oil life of the engine is protracted and lubricant usage and drain intervals are reduced. This in turn leads to lower machine downtime and less need for system maintenance. The system also becomes more reliable and shows a consistently impressive performance.

Defence against micro pitting, wear and tear

Users of this grease report increased protection against fatigue wear, micro pitting and the usual level of machine wear. In enclosed gear drives that function in high temperatures, or at high speed and under extreme loading, bearing and gear life can be prolonged. Unscheduled maintenance can therefore be reduced, which is crucial when it comes to gearboxes that are very challenging to access and thus repair.

Protection against corrosives and rusting

The Mobil SHC Gear 460 product has been designed to resist rusting and the effects of corrosive substances. This contributes to a seamless operation, even when in use with soft metals. As this lubricant can withstand elevated temperatures or aqueous conditions, it is ideal for use with such alloys.

Extra features

A low traction co-efficient, shear stability and improved seal compatibility are just some of the extra features this product offers. In turn, the benefits include an enhanced bearing life as well as the most dynamic performance from the equipment they are used to lubricate. There is also a reduced need for maintenance procedures.

Major applications

Whether used with a traditional case hardened or modern gear system, Mobil SHC Gear 460 can prevent micro pitting. The oils can operate equally well in high or temperatures, which means that this product is ideally suited to use with plastic extruder gearbox systems.

This Mobil lubricant can be used to grease modern or highly loaded gears, such as those frequently found in paper, steel, oil, textile, cement and lumber industries. In such processing environments, maximal lubricant life can be very significant.

Where steel-on-steel, bevel and helical spur gears exist within enclosed industrial gear drives, this product is strongly recommended.

Lubricant compatibility

This oil is compatible with most widely available mineral-based lubricants, but it should be noted that such a mixture could negatively impact upon the product’s excellent performance. To gain the best possible outcome, it is wise to flush and clean machinery prior to using Mobil SHC Gear oils.

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We offer a wide range of lubricant products for purchase from Oil Store, and Mobil SHC Gear 460 is just one of many. This high-performance gear and bearing oil is very much in demand from a vast range of different industries. If you want any help with your selection of lubricant, please do contact one of our experienced team without delay. They can tell you more about this product or point you in the right direction if required.

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