Mobilfluid 424



Mobil Agri Fluid 424 is a high performance, premium quality lubricant intended for use as a multipurpose tractor transmission and hydraulic fluid. It is formulated from high quality mineral oils and an advanced additive system to achieve outstanding improvements in wet brake and power take off (PTO) chatter control as well as enhanced viscosity retention (shear stability) in field service. It has improved extreme pressure properties that provide superior protection against wear under the most severe operating conditions. Resistance to oxidationand thermal degradation is outstanding and ensures protection against sludge and varnish deposits.

Mobil Agri Fluid 424 resists foaming and provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion. Its low temperaturefluidity ensures effective lubrication and hydraulic performance in cold weather conditions. Mobil Agri Fluid 424 is recommended for topping up and refill of transmissions, differentials, final drives,hydraulics and power steering systems, as well as wet brakes, PTOs and hydrostatic drives in farm, contractor and industrial tractors. It also performs well in 4WD manual transmissions.

Mobil Agri Fluid 424 may be used as a replacement for engine oils up to SAE 10W-30 in hydraulic and transmission systems, but not in engine crankcases. It is suitable as a Type A (Suffix A), Dexron and Type F fluid for tractor but not passenger car automatic transmissions. It may also be used as an SAE 80W gear lubricant in all gear applications except hypoid gears.

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