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Mobilgear’s OGL 007 is a high performing, advanced technology oil that incorporates an extreme set of pressure additives and delicately dispersed graphite, specifically for load carrying. The product is primarily intended for lubricating large and heavy-loaded gears that operate at slow to medium speeds.

As well as providing excellent load carrying, OGL 007 has been formulated to possess excellent adhesion qualities and resistance to any “fling-off” created in extreme conditions. The product can be pumped easily from drums to the application spray nozzle with a conventional transfer pump. The low temperature and soft consistency characteristics of this oil is ideal for spray applications that operate under a variety of conditions.

Mobilgear OGL 007’s use of dispersed graphite contributes a lot to the prevention of wear in boundary lubrication conditions that can be found in slow speed, high load operations that are typical of large open gearing. It has also been shown to significantly contribute to the thickness of elastohydrodynamic (EHL) film under these conditions.

OGL 007 is one of the leading members of Mobilgear’s product range and it enjoys a reputation for good performance and innovation around the world. It has been manufactured by ExxonMobil’s team of research scientists and has been backed by technical support teams worldwide.

The product has given outstanding levels of performance and protection in many industrial applications where large open gears are used. Furthermore, OGL 007 was crafted to meet the guidelines set out by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as customer needs, who like to use soft to semi-fluid lubricants for slow to medium speed heavy loaded open gears.

One of the pivotal needs for oils of this type is the requirement to separate heavy-loaded gear teeth and to avoid damage and wear of surfaces.

There are other varieties of this product also available.

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