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Mobiltemp 1 is one of a range of high-performance lubricants intended for the oiling of plain as well as anti-friction bearings. This clay-thickened product can be used with equipment that operates at low speeds and elevated temperatures. The inclusion of a clay-based thickening agent means the product does not soften, even during high temperature operations, unlike its counterparts whose formulas contain a soap-based thickener.

A top-quality mineral oil with a high index of viscosity is used as the basis for the formula. The lubricant therefore ensures low volatility plus exceptional oxidation resistance, even during operations that require a high temperature. The oil also has inherent resistance to wear as well as water washout, even when in use with heavy loads and at low operating speeds.

Mobiltemp 1 is a NLGI Grade 1 greases, and the whole Mobiltemp series are particularly well suited to high temperature processing. They also offer an impressive level of resistance to moisture contamination by water or steam. These greases also resist consistency changes effectively, including those caused by processes that involve heating and cooling.

Even in the most severe working conditions, this grease does not harden or soften enough to adversely affect performance. Thanks to the low volatility base, these lubricants resist hardening even when high temperatures are present for prolonged periods. The Mobiltemp series resists water washout, and can even absorb water equivalent to around its own weight, while avoiding major changes in structure. This is most helpful in humid environments.

Mobiltemp 1 has great properties of flow and is thus ideal for use with centralised grease systems, including those with long lines of distribution or that operate at 10℃. Anti-wear additives, meanwhile, make this lubricant suitable for use with slow motion, limited or shock loading sliding machine elements.

Mobiltemp’s superb track record of outstanding performance makes these greases a very popular product for users across the globe.

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Weight 18 kg