Mobilube 1 SHC 75W/90



Mobilube 1 SHC is a fully synthetic, heavy duty, multipurpose automotive gear oil suitable for use as a complete driveline lubricant. As an SAE 75W-90 grade it provides low temperature fluidity with high temperature stability ensuring a high level of wear protection in both manual transmissions (synchromesh and non-synchromesh), and drive axles over a wide range of operating conditions. The combination of synthetic base fluid technology and special high performance additive package has been carefully balanced to provide a formulation meeting the low temperature fluidity, compatibility and ‘shiftability’ requirements of most European synchromesh gearboxes; whilst also providing the relatively high viscosity and load carrying requirements of heavy duty drive axles and transfer cases.

Mobilube 1 SHC is compatible with conventional type lubricants, but the full potential of its superior performance characteristics will only be obtained if the gear unit is drained and refilled with Mobilube 1 SHC. It has greatly improved thermal/oxidative stability and low temperature flow properties providing superior fuel economy benefits and the potential for extended drain. The excellent viscosity/temperature characteristics of Mobilube 1 SHC permit its use on a year round basis in many automotive applications. It has demonstrated excellent field performance in European OEM’s extended drain applications.

Mobilube 1 SHC is recommended for service fill and top up of commercial vehicle, construction equipment and passenger car manual transmissions, transfer cases and drive axles operating under a very wide range of temperature conditions and requiring the use of either and API GL-4 or GL-5 performance lubricant. It combines excellent European synchromesh compatibility and thermal stability with the extended durability and wear protection required for the most heavily loaded hypoid gear application.

Mobilube 1 SHC is not suitable for automatic or semi-automatic transmissions for which engine oils or special fluids are required.

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Weight 15 kg
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12 x 1L, 20L