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Mobilux EP 1

The EP range of greases from market leader Mobilux are high performance lithium hydroxystearate lubricants. The greases contain a specific additive allowing the lubricant to perform under extremely demanding conditions. They are also tailored to provide superb protection against wear and tear, water washout and rusting.

Benefits of Mobile EP 1

Outstanding protective qualities

Mobilus EP 1 works very effectively with even the most heavy duty applications, because of the characteristic protective qualities that mean they perform to a superior standard in either dry or wet conditions. They cope very ably indeed with moist and wet operating environments.

Impressive pumpability rate and control of leakage

Another key feature contributing to the appeal of this product range is its impressive pumpability rate when used in conjunction with centralised systems. The greases also offer an excellent level of leakage control.

Reduction in wear and tear

This range can easily cope when under intense pressure, such as during operations that involve shock loading and vibration. The machinery used in processing thus requires lower levels of maintenance and is more reliable, which reduces costs as well as downtime.

Main uses

Any industrial applications where shock loading and high pressure exist present no problem at all for this high quality product. Mobilux EP 1 operates at its most effective between 20 ℃ and 130℃, but it can also be used at even more elevated temperatures should this be required. If using in environments where 130℃ is exceeded, it is recommended to adjust the lubrication frequency in line with this.

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Mobilux EP 1 is one product available here at Oil Store, in addition to a comprehensive range of lubricants from Mobil and other respected manufacturers. If you need any advice on your selection, just ask.

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Weight18 kg