Morris Ecotrans 75W/80 – 25L



The Morris Ecotrans 75W-80 is a high-performance transmission fluid which has been formulated using synthetic technology. This product has been developed for use in ZF manual and automated manual transmission (AMT) systems and offers a high level of component protection under a wide range of operating conditions and loads, but improved gear shift and improvements in fuel economy.

Benefits of Morris Ecotrans 75W/80

  • Improved gear shift performance
  • Protects components under high load conditions
  • Improved transmission efficiency with potential fuel savings
  • High temperature stability during sustained long-distance schedules


The Morris Ecotrans 75W-80 can be used in ZF manual and automated manual transmission (AMT) systems fitted to commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, coaches and buses, where one of the specifications below is listed. Due to the versatility of this product, the Morris Ecotrans 75W-80 can be used in any other types of transmission system requiring an API GL4 lubricant of this viscosity grade.

Performance Level

  • API GL- 4
  • MAN 341 Type E3, Z-4
  • Volvo 97305
  • ZF TE ML 01L, 02L, 08, 13*,16K

Can be used in DAF, Eaton and Iveco transmissions where a product of this type is specified.

*where ZF TE-ML 13 stipulates ZF TE-ML 02L

Additional information

Weight 25 kg


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