Morris Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner – 12 x 400ml


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Morris Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner is a special blend of silicone, solvents and cleaners. It has been designed as a multipurpose product that cleans, restores and protects surfaces at the same time. When sprayed onto wet parts the chemistry of Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner has a powerful attraction to the underlying surfaces and this completely displaces all traces of water. Therefore this product is particularly useful as an engine damp start, a short spray onto the affected parts will displace any wetness and prevent voltage breakdown, allowing the engine to be started again normally.


  • Restores surfaces to a showroom finish
  • Reduces further adhesion of dirt
  • Repels water


Workshop Pro Surface Conditioner is easy to use and gives a like new finish to all kinds of surfaces including vinyl, plastic, wood, chrome, stainless steel, and wood. It is recommended for all valeting jobs on dashboards, bumpers, vinyl seats and roofs, door trims, grills and motorcycles. It is also effective as a mess free lubricant for door catches, locks and hinges and is far cleaner and more pleasant than oil for this purpose.

Directions for Use:

Shake the can well, hold the can about 15cm from the surface to be valeted and spray a thin film over the whole area. Polish off immediately with a soft cloth to a deep shine. To restore minor
blemishes and scratches, leave a slightly more concentrated area of spray to soak for a few minutes before polishing. To use as a damp start, just one short spray of 2 – 3 seconds on to the plugs, leads and distributor cap will displace all moisture and allow starting.

Note: Not recommended for applications such as motorcycle seats, steering wheels or foot pedals

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