Petronas ATO Air Tool Oils



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The PETRONAS ATO series of oils has been designed for use with pneumatic drills and other air tools, with multiple viscosities being available depending on the face temperatures expected during mining operations. The series’ additives have been carefully selected to ensure extremely low levels of fog generation with a bland, acceptable odour while still providing superb protection against corrosion, rust and wear, as well as maintaining preferential metal-wetting characteristics and controlling emulsions.

While the series is suitable for air tools, their extremely low fog generation also makes the oils ideal for use in enclosed spaces like mines. PETRONAS ATO 100 is recommended for use at medium temperatures during severe-duty applications, while PETRONAS ATO 150 is recommended for similar applications at higher temperatures.

In terms of benefits, a low pour point avoids tool stoppage from icing, and there are minimal carbon deposits thanks to there being no dieseling or detonation. Furthermore, despite providing superior corrosion and anti-wear protection when compared to other air tool oils, the series provides excellent fog control, with this being non-toxic even at 200 times the allowable concentration threshold for mineral oil fogs.

If the PETRONAS ATO series of air tool oils sounds like it may be a good fit for you operations, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team at Oil Store to learn more.

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