Q8 Dynobear 150 – 20L


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Q8 Dynobear 150

The range of multi-purpose lubricants offered by Q8 Dynobear are specifically designed to grease machinery, with scope for use on everything from factory machinery to heavy plant. The formulations contain a special additive, which is intended to reduce friction by more than 25% more than similar machine greases.

The everyday judders and slipping that happen when using hydraulic tools, plant and machinery are eradicated thanks to Q8’s special formulation. It contains no sticky ingredients, which has the effect of minimising wear and tear. It also lessens the amount of dirt, dust and grime entering the mechanisms or building up on exposed parts. Q8’s Dynobear range reduces strain on factory and workshop machinery, even in conditions of high demand.

The Q8 Dynobear range contains several different grades of viscosity. All are designed for specific functions and uses, so it is necessary to refer to the right technical data sheet to ensure selection of the ideal product.

Features and benefits

Some distinct features and benefits characterise the Q8 Dynobear range, which contribute to the popularity of this lubricant. Some of these are detailed below:

No-rust formulation

The lubricant offers a superlative standard of protection from contaminants, including rust. This means that machinery can be used for lengthy periods of time, which in turn can make operation and production more cost-effective.


These lubricants have been specially formulated to wipe out juddering and stick slip. This means that tools, machinery and plant alike can work far more effectively. The whole process is far more efficient, because there’s less time used for maintenance or even repair of equipment. This saves energy, time and power, and therefore money, too.

An adaptable formula

Something that is specific to Q8 lubricants is their versatility. They can grease an impressive range of mechanical tools and machines and are therefore an extremely useful product to have to hand.

A tailor made formulation

Oily substances are added to Q8 Dynobear formulations, with the aim of reducing grinding and friction. This means there is far less impact on machine parts, which helps to minimise damage. This should mean the equipment has a longer life span.

Multiple uses

This product is ideal for the effective lubrication of machines and their components, encompassing saddles and spindle bearings, to headstocks, cross feeds and carriage ways. It may also be utilised for machine tool parts, such as automated pressure fed slideways.

This lubricant may be used on gear boxes as well as moderate duty hydraulics. Users should carefully check the stated grade of viscosity before usage, by referring to the handbook written by the manufacturer.

Oil Store can deliver

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