Q8 Dynobear 5 – 20L


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Q8 Dynobear 5

The Q8 Dynobear series of products are a set of advanced multi-purpose greases that have been specially developed with the aim of lubricating factory plant tools, machine tools and general machinery. These products contain a unique oiliness additive which minimises the friction by over a quarter in comparison to conventional oils.

These additives eliminate the stick slip and juddering that can sometimes occur in hydraulic and machine operated tools, and this is done without using tackiness agents that can attract abrasive particles and dust which can lead to increased wear on machine parts that are exposed. Q8 Dynobear lubricants have an excellent low wear performance, even in the most severe of machinery conditions.

The different viscosity grades in the Q8 Dynobear range are suitable for different applications and specifications so please consult the technical data sheet before choosing this product.

Features and benefits

Q8 Dynobear has many different features and advantages that make it one of the most regularly used products on the market. These features include:

Excellent rust protection
This grease has been designed to protect against rust and other unwanted contaminants. These protective properties allow for machinery to run for longer, which can reduce costs to the user.

Helps save energy and power
The product has been designed to eliminate stick slip and juddering in machinery that can help it to operate smoother and in a more trouble-free manner that can reduce the maintenance downtime of machinery. This allows for a more efficient performance that can lead to a saving in both power and energy costs.

Versatile product
One advantage the product has is that it is versatile. This means it can be used across a range of machinery across different applications. Its versatility makes it the ideal product for all machinery and their tools.

Unique additives
This advanced multi-purpose lubricant has been manufactured with a special set of oiliness additives which can minimise the amount of friction substantially. This too helps to lower the wear of machine parts, which can lead to a longer machine life.

Main applications

The Q8 Dynobear series is highly recommended as a lubricant for all machine tools as well as for general factory lubrication. The product is suitable for use on spindle bearings, cross feeds, headstocks, carriage ways and saddles as well as all machine tool parts such as automatic pressure fed slideways.

This product is versatile enough to be used on medium duty hydraulic systems and gearboxes. However, users must ensure that the correct viscosity grade of this product is selected before use. This can be identified in the manufacturers? handbook.

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