Q8 Erebus MP 220 – 20L


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Q8 Erebus MP 220 is a multipurpose gear lubricant and machine tool oil that is available in a number of different ISO viscosity grades, between 68-460.

These oils have been designed to provide a top level of resistance against oxidation. This is combined with additive technology that fortifies the lubricant to make it highly effective in terms of anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-foam. These additives make the product effective when working in extreme pressures and reduce boundary friction.

The Q8 Erebus MP 220 product merges the properties of high spec gear lubricants with those of slideway oils and hydraulic fluids. They can perform at temperatures below zero, when starting in cold conditions and in temperatures as high as 100°C. It provides full protection against wear and an excellent level of lubrication. In some circumstances, it may also be used as a neat cutting fluid.

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