Q8 Erebus MP 320 – 20L


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Part of the Q8 Erebus MP series of multipurpose machine tool and gear oils available in a number of different viscosity grades ranging from 68 to 460, Q8 Erebus MP 320 has been designed to have an excellent resistance to oxidation. As well as this, the product is effective when used in extreme pressures as it uses additive technology to protect against foaming, corrosion, boundary friction and wear.

Q8 Erebus MP 320 combines a number of different properties from other high-spec gear oils and combines it with those of other slideway lubricants and hydraulic fluids. Thanks to its high viscosity index, this product can operate at varying temperatures, from starting conditions that are below 0°C up to 100°C.

Furthermore, all moving parts of the machine are fully lubricated and protected against wear.

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Weight 40 kg