Q8 Erebus MP 460 – 20L


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Q8 Erebus MP 460 is a multipurpose machine tool and gear oil from the Erebus MP series, which is available in a number of viscosity grades from 68 up to 460. This product has been manufactured to have an outstanding level of resistance to oxidation. Furthermore, it has a number of additives in the formula that reduce boundary resistance as well as the effects of corrosion, wear and antifoam, even in extreme pressures.

This set of oils blend a number of features of hydraulic fluids, slideway lubricants and high-spec gear oils. Its high viscosity index allows it to perform well in most temperatures, ranging from extremely cold starting temperatures that are below 0°C up to conditions around 100°C.

With the Q8 Erebus MP 460, all moving parts of the machinery will receive full lubrication and will be protected from the effects of wear. In certain circumstances, and with the appropriate viscosity grade, it can be used as a cutting fluid.

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