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Q8 Haydn 22

Q8 Haydn products are a range of top-performing anti-wear hydraulic oils and are recommended for machine tool hydraulic systems where having superior filterability and anti-wear are essential. These oils are also suggested for robotics and hydraulic systems where the quality of oil, consistency and accuracy are key factors.

This product range is available in five different ISO viscosity grades varying from IS0 22 to ISO 100. As well as this, these oils meet the strict filterability requirements to which modern systems must adhere. They have been developed using the best quality base stocks and combine these with a special set of additives. The formula has been designed using the most recent low-zinc technology, which allows for an outstanding performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Key benefits and advantages include:

Trouble-free operation

One of the key features of oils in the Q8 Haydn range is that they can reduce the amount of sludge and corrosion that builds around components, and are very resistant to foaming. This means that all machinery can experience a longer useable life and can potentially reduce maintenance costs, as the variables that lead to a quicker wear are being minimised.

Long life

The Q8 Haydn products have a long service life because of their high thermal and oxidation stability, which make them ideal for applications which require high temperature operations.

Variety of use

Another prominent feature of this particular product is that it can also be used with other industrial equipment, including screw-air compressors and the less severe loading gears.

Main applications

The main application of this product range is with hydraulic systems which need to prioritise superior anti-wear and filterability.

As well as this main application, these products can also be used in a variety of other industrial equipment, which includes the less severe loading gears and screw-air compressors.

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