Q8 Heavibear 220 – 20L


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Q8 Heavibear 220 is an advanced lubricant specially designed to lubricate machine tool slideways. It contains a set of additives that help it to retain a level of oiliness that dramatically minimises the level of friction by over a quarter compared with more conventional lubricants.

It is also combined with another additive that sees the oil working well under extreme pressure, giving it lower wear results when compared to the performance of other products. Furthermore, this oil contains a tackiness agent that assists in retaining oil where it would normally be flung or run off or squeezed out. This gives it an effective layer of tough lubricating film that can be useful with applications like fast moving gears, reciprocating parts and vertical slides.

Q8 Heavibear 220 also gets rid of any juddering or stick slip and can prevent scoring or pickup whilst under heavy loads. It maintains a sturdy oil film even when movement is infrequent, small or intermittent.

Q8’s Heavibear 220 has been engineered using the top solvent refined base stocks. This enables it to protect machinery against corrosion, foaming and rust.

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Weight 20 kg