Q8 Scooter City Bike Ultra – 15x1L


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Q8 Scooter City Bike Ultra is a full synthetic, low smoke, high performance two-stroke gasoline engine lubricant. Q8 Scooter City Bike Ultra can be use in two stroke gasoline engines running under arduous conditions such as competition, road and endurance usage. It is suitable for two-stroke gasoline engines such as for motor cycles, mopeds, motor scooters, snow scooters, chainsaw applications and engines (not outboards) with premix or oil injection systems. It can be used with leaded or lead-free gasoline and meets the following specifications: ? ISO-L-EGD ? JASO FD ? JASO FC (Filing no. 039 KPI 738) ? TISI 1040 ? Approved by Malaguti Moto

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