Shell Omala S2 GX 460


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If you require a high-performance industrial gear oil of outstanding quality, then the Shell Omala S2 GX series of lubricants will not disappoint. This range of products can offer an exceptional level of performance, even in the most demanding conditions. The load capacity is impressive, as are the oil’s anti-friction properties. They are therefore the ideal choice for industrial gear lubrication.

A spectrum of benefits separates these products from other mineral-based oils on the market, which include:

Long-lasting formula

Shell Omala S2 GX 460, previously known as Shell Omala 460, offers users all the benefits of a long product life, resisting both chemical and thermal breakdown. The formula helps to guard against the formation of sludge, which can help operators save on maintenance and repair downtime and costs.

First-rate protection from wear and corrosion

This oil also provides equipment with an exceptional level of defence against corrosion, which it does by reducing the burden on machine parts including gear teeth, gears and bearings.

System productiveness

Another key benefit of the Shell Omala S2 GX range is their characteristics of water separation. Machinery is likely to have an extended lifespan where these oils are used, because surplus water can be drained from lubrication systems smoothly and quickly. This lubricant assures operators that the right level of lubrication is present in the right areas. As water can hasten gear fatigue and water corrosion, this is a key feature.

Leading applications

The performance of Shell’s Omala S2 GX 460 lubricant is at its most effective in enclosed industrial gear systems. The oils were designed to include additives that lead to an excellent performance, even when in use in conditions of very high demand. This ensures fuss-free processing.

Supplementary applications

The Omala S2 G range from Shell can also be used in conjunction with other types of machinery, including those with a high-load gearing or splash-lubricated system.

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