Shell Omala S2 GX 680


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If a superb performance is required when using industrial gears, the Omala S2 GX series from Shell can deliver. This collection of superlative quality industrial gear oils reliably and repeatedly performs well, even when under extreme pressure. This heavy duty set of greases are tailor-made for industrial gear usage, and have the capacity to bear even the most considerable loads. This load-bearing capability is combined with great resistance to friction, and both of these characteristics contribute to a superior performance.

There are a number of key advantages to using this product over similar mineral-based lubricant products:

Sustained performance

A long life is one of the key characteristics of Shell Omala S2 GX 680, formerly Shell Omala 680. The formula resists sludge and deposit formation in addition to chemical and thermal breakdown. This can lead to considerable cost savings as maintenance and repair time are reduced.

Sterling protection against wear, tear and corrosion

Another key attribute is Shell Omala S2 GX 680’s inherent protection against corrosion, which is accomplished by lowering the load capacity on equipment components; these comprise bearings, gear teeth and other gear parts.

System proficiency

Shell’s Omala S2 GX range also allows for good water separation. This is an asset because excess aqueous matter is drained quickly and simply from the lubrication systems of gears. Machinery is thus far more likely to experience an extended lifespan. The perfect level of lubrication will also be present in just the right areas, avoiding the corrosion caused by water as well as the early fatigue of gears.

Supreme applications

Shell Omala S2 GX lubricants are ideally used in enclosed industrial gear environments. The additive system of these oils means that industrial gearboxes maintain an excellent performance. This applies even in conditions of extreme demand, and the sleekest of operations is assured where these greases are used.

Bonus applications

Splash lubricated and high lead gear systems alike are some of the other applications to which Shell Omala S2 GX 680 is well suited.

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