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Shell Tellus S2 MX 22

Shell Tellus S2 MX 22 is a high performance lubricant product designed specifically for use with hydraulic systems. The unique formula presented by Shell offers a superlative level of performance as well as superior resistance to wear and tear. It is ideal for use with manufacturing and mobile equipment.

Even when used in environments of intense heat or mechanical stress, these products can resist breakdown. This helps to avoid deposit formation, which in turn can ensure the continued efficient operation of hydraulic systems.

Advantages of Tellus S2 MX 22

This lubricant is one of the market leaders within the hydraulics industry, due to the many key features it offers. Some of these are as follows:

Extended fluid life

This specific range of Shell lubricants offers a far longer fluid life than many of its competitors. This benefits users not only because it is very cost-effective, but also as it saves time by reducing the need for equipment maintenance. The unique formula contains a high level of resistance to thermal and chemical breakdown, which leads to lower levels of sludge formation. When put through the Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST) the results are impressive, and it also performs outstandingly in terms of system cleanliness.

Protection against wear

A key feature of these Shell lubricants is their excellent level of wear protection. The special additives include zinc-based, anti-wear ingredients. These remain effective during the entire operating process, no matter whether the processes include low or high, heavy duty load conditions.

In addition to outstanding TOST test scores, this oil performs very ably during various types of piston and vane pump testing. One example is the Denison T6C test, which includes both dry and wet versions. The test results demonstrate that Tellus S2 MX 22 can enable components to sustain a consistently high standard of performance.

Maximum system efficiency

This range of Shell lubricants maintains the very best levels of system efficiency. Hydraulic systems are far cleaner and more filterable, thanks to the air release, anti-foam and water separation characteristics of this formulation.

Shell’s unique combination of additives combines with the oil’s superior level of cleanliness to help reduce contamination on the filters used in hydraulic systems. This results in a longer filter life as well as enabling the use of finer filtration.

Tellus S2 MX 22 is formulated to prevent excessive foaming, as well as ensuring a quicker air release. This assists the smooth and efficient operation of the hydraulic power transfer process, and can therefore actually minimise the impact of cavitation and oxidation, both of which can lead to a shortened fluid life.

Key applications

Shell Tellus S2 MX 22 is chiefly used in three main types of application, as follows.

Industrial hydraulics

The Shell Tellus S2 MX range of lubricants are all approved by leading designers, and are recommended for use in many manufacturing and industrial processing plants because they are suited to a wide range of hydraulic power applications.

Mobile hydraulic power transmission

This high quality lubricant is effective over a range of different mobile hydraulic power systems, which include cranes and excavators. However, they are not suited to environments that involve significant temperature fluctuations. Shell recommends the Tellus S2 VX product range for such applications instead.

Marine hydraulics

In addition to use with excavators and cranes, the Tellus S2 MX range can also be used in marine hydraulics systems, including those which recommend the use of ISO HM category hydraulic lubricants.

What is Shell Tellus S2 MX 22 compatible with?

The whole Shell Tellus S2 MX range of lubricants can be used with most hydraulic pumps. Oil Store and Shell do however recommended checking first with product manufacturers and suppliers before using this oil with pumps that could contain any silver-plated components.

The Tellus S2 MX range has a high level of fluid compatibility and can thus be used in conjunction with many mineral oil-based hydraulic oils available. It is however, in the interests of safety, not recommended to mix these hydraulic lubricants with other fluid products.

Shell’s Tellus S2 MX 22 is designed for compatibility with the kind of seal materials and paints that are commonly compatible with mineral oils.

Health and safety

Although these oils are extremely unlikely to pose any threat to health and safety, particularly when used in the right way and just as intended, Shell does advise that skin contact should be avoided when using these lubricants.

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Shell’s Tellus S2 MX range offers operatives the opportunity to enhance and extend the operational life of hydraulic water systems. Please do not hesitate to contact Oil Store today if you want to find out any more about this superior range of Shell lubricants. You may also speak to one of our experienced team if you require any assistance in selecting the right product.

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