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Mobil DTE 10 Excel 46

Mobil’s DTE 10 Excel range consists of high-performing hydraulic oils that have been specially created with anti-wear properties. Furthermore, this product range has been designed to meet the needs of a variety of high-pressure hydraulic systems.

The DTE 10 Excel series has been manufactured with a certain set of special additives and these have been combined with a set of base oils, providing a balanced performance in a number of different applications.

These products feature a high viscosity index, allowing them to function in range of temperatures and are still able to maintain its protective qualities as well as efficiency. These oils have been rigorously tested and are able to work successfully at temperatures that drop as low as -34°C.

This range of hydraulic oils have different features, making them suitable for a range of different applications. These features include:

Clean performances that maintain efficiency

These oils are renowned for their superior performances both in terms of efficiency and cleanliness. The benefit of this is that there will be a reduction in the number of deposits left in machinery that affects downtime, maintenance and cost through and improved lifespan of components and a reduction in energy consumption.

Excellent thermal stability

The Mobil DTE 10 Excel range has great thermal stability and oxidation properties, which means that fluid life can be improved, even when they are exposed to operating conditions that are harsher in nature.


These oils have anti-wear characteristics that can help to reduce wear in system components through pump protection. This results in an extended lifespan for equipment and lower repair and maintenance costs.

Air separation

The Mobil DTE 10 Excel series boasts excellent air separation properties that prevent both aeration and cavitation damage in systems with a low residence time.

What are the main applications of the product?

Mobil’s DTE 10 Excel 46 is perfectly suited to be used with mobile hydraulic systems, as well as industrial systems, especially those that need to operate in critical environments at high pressures and high temperatures. The oil can be used with systems where cold start-ups are typical, systems with a high-load carrying ability and those that need higher levels of anti-wear protection.

The manufacture has recommended the product for use with hydraulic systems subjected to the formation of deposits, including CNC machinery.

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