CPI Fluid Engineering

CPI Fluid Engineering and Lubrizol logos

CPI Fluid Engineering, in partnership with Lubrizol, are world leaders in industrial and refrigeration lubricants. Their range of products encompasses Air Compressor lubricants, Food Grade lubricants, Gear Oils, Heat Transfer Fluids, Specialty Gas Compressor oils, Vacuum Fluids. CPI’s range of refrigeration lubricants work with Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, HFO & HFO Blends, Hydrocarbons, HFC and HCFC refrigerants.

The main challenges within refrigeration and a/c industries today are selecting refrigerants by application, evaluating health & safety concerns, and determining environmental impact targets. These challenges come into play when companies consider newer refrigerant options to capture better system efficiency, reduce life-cycle cost or lower carbon emissions to lessen the environmental impact. CPI Fluid Engineering understands the complexity of the industry and embraces the challenges ahead. A deep understanding of our customers’ global reach, their unique environmental impact targets, and the compressor system requirements allow CPI to partner successfully with companies to provide solid lubricant technology and application expertise. 

The CPI Fluid Engineering brands are:

Showing 1–12 of 26 results, including child brands

Showing 1–12 of 26 results, including child brands