Mould Release Oils

Concrete mould release oils, like those developed by leading lubricant makers Morris and Millers Oils, are designed to assist the fabrication of concrete products like posts, paving and slabs. They can work with moulds made of plastic, steel or wood.

Mould release oils are solvent-free and formulated with a light mineral oil base, reactive fats and lubricity agents to produce advanced lubricants with almost no odour. As a result, production operatives can enjoy a better working environment than when conventional mould release oils are used.

Cutting-edge mould release oils can protect steel mould from rust while delivering a superior finish to products. Oils help keep moulds concrete free and in optimum condition. This can extend their active service life and result in significant savings for manufacturing operations. Hydrocarbon solvent-free oils can be used on plastic moulds but are also suitable for wooden moulds as they are not easily absorbed.

As well as providing a smooth finish, premium mould release oils are not absorbed by concrete, so they never cause discolouration or staining. These oils are exceptionally easy to apply with neither stirring nor mixing required, and never inhibit the drying out process. Offering excellent protection when moulds are in storage, release oils also have a high flashpoint making them safe to use.

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