Brake Fluid

Designed to keep hydraulic braking systems functioning safely and at optimum, brake fluid is essential for all vehicles, from modern cars and heavy-duty cargo trucks to commercial passenger transports and agricultural options like harvesters and tractors. Today, leading brands like expert lubricant manufacturer Petronas offer built-for-purpose brake fluids designed to answer every requirement.

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Maximum effectiveness

A liquid chemical solution, brake fluid is designed to effectively amplify driver foot force on a vehicle’s brake pedal and transform it into pressure on a vehicle’s brakes. High-quality brake fluids manufactured today are formulated to offer maximum effectiveness. To this end, they are designed with constant viscosity over an extensive range of temperatures to ensure fluid flows correctly.

Brake fluids are available that are either silicone or glycol based, but these two solutions should never be mixed. The safest and most practical way to determine the correct brake fluid type for any given vehicle is to always consult the owner’s manual or seek advice from your nearest vehicle care expert. As a result, you can make sure you are ordering a brake fluid with the ideal viscosity and correct base.

Leading brake fluids developed by major brands always have a high boiling point. Friction produced from brake pads generates considerable heat, so it is essential that fluids do not reach boiling point easily. If the fluid evaporates, brakes can become less effective, making them dangerous.

Modern solutions available are also imbued with specific additives that enhance their performance. Common additives included in brake fluids offer anti-corrosion properties and antioxidants to keep brakes functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Over time, brake fluids can become contaminated by water and metal corrosion. As a result, they must be tested and changed over by a qualified professional. Vehicles operating in challenging outdoor environments and extreme weather conditions like those working in industrial and agricultural operations will require more robust brake fluids to cope with the increased exposure to contamination. Fortunately, brake fluids are available specifically designed to meet a wide range of operating conditions.

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