Gulf is one of the most recognisable oil brands in the world. The company started as a single petrol station in Pittsburgh, USA in 1930, and it has been selling oil and fuel ever since. Gulf has an international reputation for quality products, technical excellence and innovation. The range of Gulf products includes greases and oils used in vehicles, boats, racing cars and many other industrial applications.

Lubricants from Gulf keep machinery equipment and vehicles running. They are available for the automotive, commercial vehicle, metalworking, agriculture and marine industries. Gulf also has a range of lubricants suitable for electric and hybrid cars, and Gulf Aviation has a range of products for the aviation market.

Gulf has developed many innovative products for cars and commercial vehicles. Gulf Brake and Clutch Cleaner remove grease safely, quickly and effectively from brake discs. Gulf Copper Lubricant provides corrosion and abrasion protection that lasts a long time.

The oil company also has a range of products for keeping vehicles clean. Gulf Cockpit Shine is used in vehicle interiors to prevent the build-up of grease and dust. Gulf Tyre Shine is a tyre dressing that is suitable for all tyre types. It creates a black wet look that is long-lasting.

Gulf Nanotec is a fuel additive that improves efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions in petrol, diesel and biodiesel vehicles.

To find out more about Gulf lubricants and the most suitable products for your particular applications, talk to our experts at Oil-Store. We know that you can rely on the quality and performance of Gulf lubricants.

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