Spill Control for Industrial Lubricants

Spill Control for Industrial Lubricants

Leading specialists serving industries where lubricants are used supply a wide range of innovative and built-for-purpose products to handle spillage. Experts in their field, companies like Oil-Dri and Millers Oils have worked closely with enterprises to develop solutions that can cope with different types of incidents on site.

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Showing all 3 results

The products offered represent market-leading ranges of floor granules and sorbent materials suited to a range of sectors including industrial, commercial and automotive, along with other environments where an oil or chemical spill may occur.

Designed to keep companies compliant

With an understanding of the significant penalties for failing to stop spills, including preventing pollutants from leaking into watercourses and drains, spill control products are designed to keep operations compliant with regulations. They should ensure businesses have the equipment required to take the necessary precautions and ensure pollution is avoided through adequate containment of spills, in accordance with both health and safety laws and environmental regulations.

By using certified spill control products, companies can keep in line with legislation. Manufacturers like Oil-Dri have over 65 years’ worth of experience in spill containment and their products’ absorbency capacity is always tested to BSI standard (BS7959) across every type and grade of oil.

Small spillage control solutions

Bulk bundles of spillage cloths are ideal for smaller spillages. Exceptionally absorbent, these robust sweatshirt-style cloths are a versatile option suited for a wide range of applications. From mopping up spillages onsite to hand-cleaning key areas, these hardwearing and dependable cloths are an everyday essential for any operation where oils and other chemical fluids are stored and used.

Options for larger and widespread spills

Of course, the extent of some spills will be too much for cloths to cope with. As a result, companies like Millers Oils and Oil-Dri, among others, supply ultra-absorbent granules that are ideal for soaking up after accidents.

Absorbent granules are available in a range of different sizes to cope with incidents of different severity. A 20kg pack of granules typically has the capacity to soak up around eight litres worth of spillage. Cleverly designed, these granules are designed to quickly clean up grease and oils spills and are made from different materials. Some products are produced here in Britain and can be made from either inorganic or organic material, often using recycled materials.

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