Millers Oils

Founded in Brighouse, West Yorkshire in 1887, today Millers Oils continues its legacy as a leading independent manufacturer and blender of lubricants. Recognised for its award-winning innovation, the oil expert supplies more than 5,000 end users and distributors across Britain and offers access to its products international via a dedicated network of global distributors.

Millers Oils creates best-in-class lubricants for a wide range of sectors including commercial vehicles, passenger cars, motorsport, agriculture, industrial, off-highway, motorcycle, scooter and ATV, and classic and vintage vehicles. It also supplies speciality fluids for the advance manufacturing market.

Its extensive product range encompasses engine oils and antifreeze, high performance greases and competition running oils, classic multi-grade oils, transformer oils, wire rope lubricants, gear oils, rust preventatives, dewatering fluids, quenching oils, tap cut fluids, mould oils, chlorine-free cutting fluids, hydraulic oils, chain lubricants, brake fluids and universal tractor oils (UTOs), among others.

Specialists in advanced lubrication, Millers Oils is dedicated to delivering creative lubrication solutions for its customers around the world working closely with original equipment manufacturers to stay at the cutting-edge.

If your operation needs first class lubricants from Millers Oils, you can count on our team at the Oil Store. Browse our range of Millers Oils products today or contact us now for further details.

Showing 1–12 of 122 results, including child brands

Showing 1–12 of 122 results, including child brands