World-leading lubricant supplier Valvoline specialises in developing premium products for distribution in over 140 countries around the globe. With more than a century and a half of expertise, Valvoline is easily recognisable as a major brand name in the field of lubrication and automotive chemicals.

From Valvoline’s earliest production line of petroleum-based lubricants designed for steam engines, the company has gone from strength to strength. Its range of innovative automotive oils have been carefully manufactured to keep vehicles moving by utilising the highest quality formulas, which are ideal for businesses operating within this sector.

Whether a company specialises in on or off-highway vehicles, Valvoline has a lubricant to suit its machinery. For gear and transmission technology, Valvoline’s assortment of heavy-duty fluids is ideal for passenger cars, keeping the components in optimum condition. For semi-fluid or solid greases, Valvoline’s range can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and will meet the demands of a wide variety of working conditions.

Valvoline’s high-mileage and synthetic blends of oils ensure that engine parts are protected, downtime is reduced and fuel efficiency is maximised. If technologies demand industrial or hydraulic oils, Valvoline’s vast range of product options are available in a range of viscosity grades for a multitude of industries and applications.

At Oil-Store, we can procure the ideal Valvoline lubricants for your company – simply get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements. If you’re looking for a Valvoline oil or grease that is not listed on our website, we’ll be happy to assist with a bespoke quote.

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