WACKER is a globally active company with state-of-the-art speciality chemical products found in countless everyday items, ranging from cosmetic powders to solar cells. WACKER employ more than 14,000 staff members, across 56 production sites and sales offices (including subsidiaries). Their annual sales in 2019 surpassed $4.9 billion.

Their portfolio includes over 3,200 products and are supplied in over 100 countries. Of these, silicone based products account for about 70 percent of total WACKER sales and ethylene-related products make up the remaining 30 percent.

As part of our one-stop solution offer to industry, Oil-Store supply silicone fluids from WACKER and have access to products such as linear & functional silicone fluids, silicone fluid emulsions, pastes, waxes and defoamers. Request pricing today from the Oil-Store team by getting in touch.

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