Based in Switzerland, the family-owned Panolin group is an independent company that dates back to 1949, when it was first set up by the Lämmle family. Since 1983, Panolin has specialised in high-performance, environmentally conscious formulas, and today, it supplies a comprehensive range of lubricants.

By 2019, Pangolin was exporting its top-quality, environmentally friendly lubricants to 56 countries across the globe. These are used in a range of industries, including gas and oil exploration, construction, dredging, marine and more.

Despite its worldwide success, Panolin remains very much run by the Lämmles, who first established the firm. Every director is also a member of the Swiss family, and they also make up the majority of the management team.

Panolin UK was first established in 2016, seven years after the company’s 60th anniversary. Its first low SAPS oils for diesel engines were produced at the turn of the century in 2000, with environmentally friendly lubricants for motorcycles, diesel engines and food grade use soon following. In 2013, Pangolin had become the marine industry’s global supplier of innovative, responsible lubricant formulas.

With over 70 years’ experience in the lubricant industry – half of which have been devoted to developing advanced, environmentally responsible products, such as its Panolin Atlantis hydraulic fluid – Panolin is well placed to continue and expand on its already broad range and customer base.

Here at Oil Store, we highly recommend the Panolin range to customers in a variety of industries who are seeking high-quality and environmentally conscious formulas. Please contact our helpful team and we can assist with your selection or provide a free quotation.

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