Refrigeration Oils

Refrigeration oils are specially formulated to effectively lubricate the moving parts of a compressor to allow smooth operation and protect component from harm. Cutting-edge refrigerants are often high purity in composition and offer a wide range of operational and cost benefits.

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Showing 1–12 of 34 results

These include miscibility with specific refrigerants in use, low volatility, thermal and chemical stability, cleaner operations, high resistance to ageing and protection from corrosion and deposit formation. They offer enhanced performance and reduced running costs, via improved pumpability, longer drain intervals, less mechanical downtime and less lubricant consumption.

Leading brands including Shell, CPI, Emkarate, Fuchs, Millers and Mobil formulate refrigeration oils to suit specific applications which can operate at optimum with different refrigerants used in refrigeration systems and cycles like ammonia, HFO (Hydrogenated Fluorinated Olefins) and HFCs (Hydrogenated Fluorinated Hydrocarbons).

Refrigeration oils are also designed to meet specific requirements and legislation, like eco-friendly lubricants to answer environmental laws and food-grade lubricants for health and safety standards in refrigeration equipment, which are used in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

If you need high-quality refrigeration oils for your operation that you can rely on, we can help. Contact our dedicated team at the Oil Store to discuss the products your application requires.