Turbine Oils

The extreme operating temperatures within circulation systems of large gas turbines is the most common cause of turbine oil failure occurring prematurely due to oxidation. Fortunately, leading lubrication manufacturers like Mobil, Petronas and Shell produce a range of products designed to answer the industry challenges faces by steam, hydro and gas turbines that offer exceptional oxidation stability and ensure reliable operation.

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Showing all 8 results

These premium-quality turbine oils are typically formulated from paraffinic base oils that are solvent-refined. Carefully selected additives are then selected and included with properties that offer antioxidant, anti-foam, and anti-corrosion capabilities by enhancing the oil’s inherent qualities and ensuring they can deliver maximum active service life. Circulating and turbine oils are designed to have a naturally high viscosity index and deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, from gearboxes to industrial circulating systems.

Turbine oils are available suited to a wide range of different applications. Products designed for industrial steam, gas turbines, geared turbines, hydroelectric turbines, and specific systems like combined cycle operations and dedicated circulation systems where high-quality turbine oil is required. Oils are also available that are recommended for use with turbo compressors and axial and centrifugal pumps.

Premium-grade turbine and circulating oils can offer extended lubricant service life. The superior oxidative and thermal stability they offer can guarantee longer oil life, even when severe operating conditions are an everyday occurrence. Using the latest innovations, these expertly formulated oils can provide superior deposit and varnish control, keeping machinery clean of unwanted contaminants and operating efficiently.

The best brands producing turbine oil also engineer lubricants with advanced air release properties, excellent anti-foaming performance and outstanding rapid water separation. As a result, equipment using these oils can ensure problem-free active service, avoiding disruptive downtime and maintenance, increasing productivity, and lowering operational costs for operations.

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