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Shell is one of the largest global brands in any field, as well as the lubrication industry. Now incorporated as a UK public limited company, Royal Dutch Shell plc has its headquarters in the Netherlands and was formed in 1907.

As a British-Dutch multinational, Shell researches, develops and supplies various energy products, including fuels and chemicals, as well as lubricants and oils, while Shell Energy is at the forefront of renewable electricity and establishing low-carbon forms of energy for the future.

Operating in over 70 countries, this large, leading oil company innovates and uses advanced technology with the aim of building a sustainable future for planet Earth and all its inhabitants. In addition to investing in solar and wind power, Shell also develops new transport fuels like hydrogen and advanced biofuels, with research and development a key focus.

Fuel and lubricants for automotives are merely a small part of what Shell produces. It also specialises in creating innovative greases and oils for industrial use, from hydraulic and transmission fluids to gear, power engine and compressor oils. Some of its ranges include the Corena air compressor oil range, the Diala range of electrical oils and the Gadus range of greases.

Here at TrAchem, Shell is a go-to lubricant brand, and we will gladly assist any existing or potential customers who have queries about the range of Shell oils and greases we can supply. For guidance or a free, no-obligation quotation, please do get in touch with the TrAchem team today.

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