AdBlue is commonly mistaken for a fuel additive but it is actually a Diesel Exhaust Fluid. It is stored in a reservoir separate to the fuel tank and usually has a blue filler cap to easily identify it from the fuel cap. If you’ve hear the rumour about pig urine being used in the manufacturing process of AdBlue, you’d be wrong. Pig urine isn’t sterile enough or pure enough to be used in a commercially available product. It is actually a blend of high-purity man made urea and de-ionised water. AdBlue is colourless and classed as a non-toxic mixture.

Tiny amounts of AdBlue are injected into the flow of exhaust gases in buses, coaches, all types of HGV’s, lorries & vans, and most recently in passenger cars. At high temperatures AdBlue turns to ammonia and carbon dioxide and inside the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst, harmful nitrogen oxide in the exhaust reacts with the ammonia and is transformed to harmless nitrogen and water.

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