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First designed in 1948 by US scientist Alfred Sonntag, lubricants from Molykote have a rich history of innovation and customer-focused performance.

The speciality lubricants developed by the brand have a worldwide reputation for excellence, leading them to be trusted by product designers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and technical engineers, who prize their ability to answer the toughest lubrication challenges.

From creating energy savings by reducing wear and friction to improving driver comfort and safety by reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), Molykote offers smart lubrication solutions. Its extensive range of products has been designed for numerous equipment applications, serving parts and systems like pumps, compressors, gearboxes, hydraulics and chain drives, among many others.

The Molykote lubrication options are available in a number of different formats, like anti-friction coatings, dispersions, compounds, oils, fluids, greases, pastes and sprays. Its world-class products include Molykote CO-220 Oil Multi-Purpose Chain Oil, Molykote L-1115FM Synthetic Gear Oil – ISO 150 and Molykote Food Machinery Oil Spray.

With decades of experience, Oil-Store is a lubricant procurement specialist able to deliver a greater number of lubricant brands and services than any other enterprise in its sector. Operating out of our Doncaster base, we continue to offer our clients premium products like the Molykote speciality lubricants included under the Dow Corning brand.

If your company is struggling to locate a lubrication product, it can depend on our technical team to find it and fulfil your application or OEM’s requirements. Contact us today to discuss your lubrication needs and to request a free quotation.

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