Morris Lubricants

For more than 150 years, Morris Lubricants has been a manufacturer, blender and distributor of greases, oils and lubricants, making products to world-class standards and meeting specific requirements.

Inclusive of field trials, it can take between five and seven years to bring a product to market, and that’s why Morris Lubricants also supports and supplies some of Britain’s most successful competitors in international motorsport, along with other teams around the world, creating speciality solutions developed over five to seven-year terms that are able to deliver in the most extreme circumstances.

For generations, Morris Lubricants has focused on flexibility, innovation, product quality and trust across its business. The result has been a selection of superior services and products accredited worldwide and sold in more than 90 different nations. These products include, but are not limited to, innovative solutions such as the Gold Film selection for classic cars, Alto oils for industrial machinery and the EP range.

With decades of experience, TrAchem is a multi-brand procurement specialist, supplying a greater number of services and brands than any other lubrication company today. Since 2016, we have been an official distributor of Morris Lubricants, procuring its premium products for business from our Doncaster base.

If your firm is struggling to find a lubrication product from Morris or any other brand that isn’t yet listed, you can rely on our technical team to try to track it down for you and fulfil your requirements. Contact us to discuss your application needs or to receive a free quote.

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