Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium – 20L




Mobil DTE Heavy Medium

A superior set of circulating oils designed for optimal use with hydro and steam turbine applications, the Mobil DTE series comes into its own as a lubricant when a longer service life is needed.

The range is made with high-tech base stocks, using them in conjunction with a specially formulated collection of additives so that an unbeatable standard of chemical and thermal stability is achievable. What?s more, the series offers emulsification protection and is able to separate water from contaminants.

Additionally, this range offers leading protection against wear and corrosion, which is what makes it the first choice for users across a wide range of sectors. Of course, over several decades, Mobil has built a proud reputation for protection, reliability, versatility and, above all, customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Mobil DTE Heavy Medium

As you would expect from a name like Mobil, the DTE series oils offer several features that have user advantages in mind, such as:

Leading protective qualities

With their outstanding protective characteristics evident across several applications, the DTE oils offer anti-wear protection and combat long-term corrosion and rust. As a result, equipment benefits from a longer lifespan, systems operate more efficiently, unscheduled downtime is kept to a bare minimum and maintenance costs remain low. The upshot of all this is a boost in productivity.

Excellent air release and foaming resistance

With this fantastic product, you can keep deposit build-up and foaming as low as possible. Its air release properties work well for it too, because it avoids pump cavitation. Again, this helps efficiency and productivity, not least by keeping operation consistent and avoiding excessive noise.

Chemical and thermal stability

Stability is crucial in lubrication, and this oil boasts a supreme level of both chemical and thermal stability. As a consequence, it is able to prevent excessive sludge building up, thus helping the oil last longer in most circulation systems. In the end, you save the cost of regular oil replacements.

What are its main applications?

The DTE series is the first port of call for so many because its protective qualities are top drawer, and it offers such great versatility. All this is on the back of the many years of impeccable reputation built by Mobil.

In particular, it is useful for such applications as land and marine steam turbines, as well as turbines in the hydro and gas sectors.

As a bonus, the adaptability of the oil makes it a solid suggestion for use in hydraulic pumps of moderate severity, along with many vacuum pumps and compressors handling natural gases.

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