Mobil Nuto H46 – 20L




Mobil Nuto H46 is a multi-purpose hydraulic lubricant of premium quality. Part of a series of oils of varying viscosity grades, this product has been engineered with top quality base stocks that feature a naturally high viscosity index. It contains anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives that all meet the guidelines set out by equipment manufacturers.

Passing the vane pump test, designed by Denison, highlights the excellent anti-wear protection properties of Mobil Nuto H46. The test puts the oil through severe conditions, experiencing temperatures of up to 80°C and high pressures to around 250 bar. This is both in the presence of water and without it.

Furthermore, the oil features great levels of thermal stability, making it suitable for use at high temperatures and good hydrolytic stability for use in conditions where water is present.

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Weight20 kg