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Mobil SHC 632

The Mobil SHC 600 series of oils are designed for use with bearings and gear systems. These products offer a supreme level of performance, ensuring the smooth operation of machinery. They also offer built-in protection for equipment.

These lubricants perform very well even in the most demanding conditions, such as at very high or low temperatures. Mobil have produced a range of products that aim to exceed every customer’s expectations.

One of the formula’s key features is resistance to mechanical shearing. This results in zero loss of viscosity where these lubricants are used.

Advantages of the Mobil SHC 600 range

Low traction coefficient

The Mobil SHC 600 range ensures low traction coefficients. This is due to the oil’s unique molecular structure. Lower levels of fluid friction on rolling contact bearings, gears and other load regions lead to better levels of gear efficacy. This often means that machinery can be operated at a lower temperature. This reduces the use of power and thus makes for a significant energy cost saving. According to laboratory tests, the efficiency increase can reach 3.6%.

Rust and oxidisation protection

This series of lubricants provides superior resistance to sludge and deposit build-up and oxidisation. This applies particularly where the lubricant is used for high temperature operations. Anti-wear properties and foam control are also useful benefits of this product, and all of these features help to reduce rust and corrosion. This can help prolong the life of expensive equipment.

Carefully chosen additives

The Mobil SHC 600 series contain additives that have been chosen because they offer a superb level of corrosion resistance. They also feature an ingredient that reduces foaming. The result is a sleek, fuss-free operation, and because the equipment requires less maintenance and repair, it can reduce costs too.

Popular uses

These oils can be used with various types of gears and bearing components. They are also suitable for use at very high or low temperatures, unlike many other mineral based lubricants that cannot cope under such intense pressure.

The lubricants are ideal for use with equipment that generally requires a lot of maintenance, such as regular oil changing and the cleaning or replacement of components.
Bonus applications

The Mobil SHC 600 range of oils can be used to lubricate gears that are in a location that is difficult to access. They are also suitable for use in extreme temperatures, such as ski lifts that operate in extremely low temperatures.

Extra information

These superb oils are also suited to use with other construction components and can be used instead of standard mineral oils with equipment containing seal materials.

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Mobil’s SHC 632 oil is specially formulated by using the newest technology and research available, which is one of a list of reasons why operators choose this lubricant. The oil’s additives ensure it can cope with high temperature operations, while the versatility of this oil means it can be used for a great selection of applications.

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