Mobil Velocite Number 4 – 20L




Mobil Velocite Number 4

Mobil Velocite Number 4 is a top-quality lubricant specially formulated for the oiling of high-speed spindles within machinery. This lubricant is often also used in conjunction with various circulation systems, aeroplanes and critical hydraulic systems. The oil is designed to offer an impressive level of performance and reliability, and boasts a low viscosity base. The lubricant also contains carefully chosen additives that ensure a great level of resistance, plus protection for equipment, against the effects of corrosion, oxidation and foaming.

Key features and benefits

This range of lubricants features a series of properties that make them ideal for a range of applications. These include the following:

Resistance to oxidation

A key feature of Mobil Velocite Number 4 is a superb level of resistance to oxidation, which assists in reducing deposit formation. This both prolongs oil life and reduces machinery maintenance and repair time.

Outstanding protection against rusting and corrosion

This lubricant offers users impressive properties of rust prevention and protection against
corrosion. This is because the range contains carefully selected additives that have the ability to equipment operating life. This is achieved by improving the machinery’s long-term precision, which is a result of the lower levels of contaminant build-up and this in turn reduces rusting and corrosion that occurs over the life of the product.

Excellent water separation

Moisture is repelled from areas of machinery that could easily be damaged by water. The lubricant’s superior properties of water separation assist in preventing moisture reaching equipment parts and components. It also helps users to remove any excess moisture present, which leads to a decrease in emulsification.

Key applications

The range of Mobil Velocite lubricants is approved for the oiling of spindle bearings, including those which operate at either zero or exceptionally close clearances. The oil is also well suited for use with high speed bearing systems that feature fine clearances; for example, tracer mechanisms.

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