Mobilith SHC 460




Mobilith SHC 460

Mobilith SHC 460 is designed especially for use in maximal temperature applications and is one of a range of Mobility SHC greases that serve this exact purpose. In making these greases, a lithium complete thickening agent has been added to synthetic-based lubricants to obtain the best of both.

As the formula contains no wax, it has a lower traction coefficient than other comparable, conventional mineral oil formulations. It therefore offers users protective qualities and a superior performance as well as a superb level of stability, and is also chosen by many precisely for its versatility and dependability.

Some of the key benefits of this superior grease are as follows.

Superlative performance, whatever the temperature

A smoother, faster start-up process results from using this product, as even extremely high temperatures and low torque allow it to maintain its protective qualities.

Increased protection

When using Mobilith SHC 460, users report lower levels of down time and less need to repair or maintain equipment. Reduced levels of oxidation, wear, corrosion and rusting allows machinery to perform more smoothly – as well as for longer.

Structurally stable

Even when used in adverse, highly aqueous conditions, this product’s stability ensures a high level of performance.

Lower volatility

This grease is highly stable and remains so even when used in extremely high temperature conditions. This lower viscosity results in a longer life for bearings, as well as a longer time span between lubrication of equipment.

Key applications

Other mineral oil products can be combined with Mobilith SHC 460, although doing this might dilute the effectiveness of this superior lubricant product.

This multi-purpose grease works best at temperatures between 40 – 150 ℃, and can readily cope with a very demanding and high pressure workload, such as that found in industrial and mechanical environments.

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