Mobilith SHC PM 460




Mobilith SHC PM 460

Mobilith SHC PM lubricants are superior performance greases that have been specially designed for paper machine applications which include environments with extreme temperature as well as those with exposure to differing qualities of water.

These greases feature a unique combination of synthetic base fluids with a top quality lithium-based complex thickener. The synthetic based fluids possess wax-free characteristics that provide the product with an outstanding pumpability at low temperatures and allow for a lower starting and running torque in comparison to other, non-synthetic oils with a similar viscosity. This is then combined with the lithium thickener, which provides excellent adhesive qualities as well as a stable structure and protection against water.

Furthermore, these characteristics are complemented by the addition of a special set of additives that protect against rust, corrosion and wear. This makes the product very appealing to those who use machinery with a critical rolling element bearing such as those in paper machines. As well as these protective qualities, they also provide protection against the typical alkali and acid water corrosion, meaning they are ideally suited to the wet end of paper machines, whereas the low volatility and oxidation stability makes it an excellent performer at the dry end.

Key features and advantages

There are many features that make this product one of the best available on the market. As part of the Mobil brand that is highly regarded across the world, it has been rigorously tested in laboratories to ensure a top performance. These features include:

Excellent performance in high and low temperatures
The Mobilith SHC PM series has been designed to perform to a high standard in a wide range of temperatures. This grease will operate at its best in temperatures ranging from -40?C to 150?C and provide an outstanding level of protection in the process.

Outstanding protective properties
This product has an excellent set of protective characteristics that can safeguard machinery against corrosion, rust and wear. Protection against these things can help minimise the amount of downtime needed to repair machinery, which in turn can lower costs. This is the case in both alkaline and acidic water environments.

Furthermore, the grease?s excellent structural stability and resistance to oxidation can also allow for an enhanced service life, meaning that there are longer periods of time before the need to re-lubricate. This is due to an improvement in bearing life.

Main applications

Mobilith SHC PM products are highly recommended for use with critical rolling element bearing applications, especially those found in paper machines. These include wet end bearings, bearings with highly loaded press sections and calendar stack bearings with a high temperature felt roll.

Although Mobilith SHC PM lubricants are compatible with the majority of mineral oil-based products, admixture can mean a weaker performance. It is highly recommended that before changing to a system which uses Mobility greases, the system should be fully flushed and cleaned out in order to achieve the best results.

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With so many desirable features, the Mobilith SHC PM range is the product of choice of so many paper mill operators across the world. It has an excellent reputation based on its quality, performance and reliability. This is why this product is one of the many available at Oil Store. All our products are competitively priced and are recommended by our expert members of staff. Get in touch today to find out more about this product and what we can do for you.

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