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Mobilux EP 004

Mobilux EP 004 is one of a range of superior performance lithium hydroxystearate lubricants. The products are specially formulated to ensure peak performance even in conditions of very high demand. They also offer an improved level of protection against corrosion, water washout and general wear.

The benefits of Mobilux EP 004

Superlative levels of protection

This grease works very effectively even with extreme applications. This is due to the fact that their protective characteristics allow an equally high level of performance in wet or dry conditions. They can stand up to any moist to wet environments with ease.

Assured leakage control and high pumpability rate

Another practical feature making these Mobil products desirable that they are very highly resistant to leakage and thus offer a great level of control. They also boast a good pumpability rate when in use with centralised systems.

Lower levels of wear

The unique formulation of this Mobilux range makes for a lower level of wear. This applies even when under intense pressure, such as during shock loading or vibration processes. Equipment maintenance costs can therefore be reduced, and the machinery will also be more reliable when using this lubricant.

Key applications

The Mobilus EP range is recommended for use during most industrial applications where shock loads and high pressure are the norm.

The ideal temperature, at which Mobilux EP greases excel, is between 20℃ and 130℃. However, they can also be used at higher temperatures; when doing so simply ensure that the lubrication frequency is altered accordingly.

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