Morris Tabor 95 Mould Release Oil

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Concrete mould oils have been developed to aid the production of concrete pavings, posts and slabs. Morris Tabor 95 is a perfect choice for a good, all-rounder as it works with steel moulds as well as wood and plastic.

Morris Tabor 95 is formulated using light mineral oils, lubricity agents and reactive fats. It is free from solvents and wool fats which means Tabor 95 is light in colour and has little to no odour. This high quality concrete mould release oil benefits the operator and production team as it has better acceptability than traditional mould release oils and helps to promote a much better working environment.

Features of Morris Tabor 95 Mould Release Oil

Morris Tabor 95 gives a superior surface finish to that of other, more traditional oils and provides protection to steel moulds from rust, helping to keep the mould free from concrete and in good condition for continued use and longevity. As Tabor 95 is free from hydrocarbon solvents, it is suitable for use on most plastic moulds and it’s not easily absorbed by wooden moulds so makes for a great all-round choice.

The quality of Tabor 95 is easily identifiable by its fine, smooth finish. It does not cause staining or discolouration to the concrete, neither does it interfere with the drying out process and is not absorbed by the concrete. The high level of rust protection found in Morris Tabor 95 means steel moulds are protected whilst in use, in between shifts, and when put into storage.

It also has a very high flash point, which means the product is less flammable and hazardous than products with a lower flash point so is safer in storage and in use around ignition sources or combustibles.

Application Details

Morris Tabor 95 is recommended for use straight from the container and no mixing or stirring is required prior to applying to the mould. The operator will find Tabor 95 easy to apply by either brush or spray system and an even coat is applied every time.

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Morris recommend Tabor 95 as a concrete release agent, that can be used with all steel and wooden moulds, as well as most plastic moulds and is especially effective with those moulds used in continuous production of paving and slabs. Purchase Morris Tabor 95 today through the Oil-Store for a quick and hassle free delivery and with the peace of mind that you will receive a quality mould release oil from a leading UK manufacturer.

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