Q8 Rembrandt Moly




Q8 Rembrandt Moly is a high quality multi-purpose lithium-based NLGI 2 grease containing micronised Molybdenum Disulphide to provide extra wear protection. Q8 Rembrandt Moly is manufactured from solvent-refined base oils and contains rust inhibitors and anti-oxidant additives. Q8 Rembrandt Moly is recommended for very heavily loaded bearing surfaces in both automotive and industrial applications, particularly those involving limited or oscillating motion, where fretting and general chassis lubrication, fifth wheels and slideways, especially when operating under dusty or wet conditions. Q8 Rembrandt Moly is therefore particularly suitable for construction and quarry plant, such as excavators, draglines, tractors, vibrating equipment and hoists.

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12 x 400G, 12.5KG