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Millers Oils: Serving a wide range of lubrication applications

A leading independent manufacturer and blender of lubricants, Millers Oils is based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire and has been delivering premium oils to answer its customer’s needs since 1887. Noted for its award-winning innovations, the oil maker is able to remain flexible due to its independent status, allowing it to create bespoke products that better serve its client base.

While supplying 5,000 different dedicated distributors here in the United Kingdom, Millers Oils also operates a far-reaching network worldwide, with 50 distributors extending the list of customers it provides solutions to across multiple continents. In the following sections, we’ll look at the extensive range of applications that are served by the lubricants designed by the experienced engineers and chemists at Millers Oils.

Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Along with specialist treatments designed for the aftercare of passenger cars, vans and other light commercial vehicles, Millers Oils also engineer and blend an extensive selection of premium-quality lubricants, such as engine oils, greases, fluids and transmission oils. Divided into three dedicated ranges, the engine oils produced by the leading lubricant makers have not just been developed to cover the various requirements of the latest cars fresh off the production line, but also for the individual needs of Millers Oils customers.

Motorsport vehicles

The motorsport world is an exceptionally diverse arena, with competitors taking part in all kinds of events with their own unique challenges. From engine exhausting endurance racing to short hill climb events, every application puts specific demands on vehicle operations. To answer the needs of those involved in motorsport, Millers Oils offers an impressive range of gear oils, engine oils, treatments and built-for-purpose speciality products that not only suit specific race types, but also racing vehicles, answering the need of any special modifications.

The year 2007 saw Millers Oils make a name for itself in the world of motorsport world on account of its award-winning low friction technology, known as NANODRIVE, which was designed to deliver increased power and greatly reduced levels of friction. Ever since, Millers Oils has remained a pioneer for the latest technology being developed for motorsports to ensure its customers can keep ahead of the competition on any track.

Vintage vehicles

Many of the latest automotive oils that are produced to meet modern vehicle specifications use the most cutting-edge base oils and advanced additive packages. However, this can make these oils incompatible with older models and classic cars, as changes have taken place over time in the way both engines and the fuel they use are designed.

For this reason, Millers Oils has engineered a comprehensive range of solutions designed specifically for older vehicles, accounting and adapting modern lubricant technology and further formulating it to both enhance and safeguard both classic and vintage vehicles.

The three-product range includes transmission and engine oils for classic sports cars, pre-1980 classics and vintage vehicles released between 1919 and 1930.

Commercial vehicles

Millers Oils is well aware that both bus and coach operators must work to strict deadlines to succeed in what can be a highly competitive business, with any unscheduled downtime racking up considerable costs.

Start and stop driving on a long haul journey in weather conditions of all kinds, and while bearing heavy loads, is liable to take a serious toll on any vehicle, while rising fuel prices and stricter legislation regarding emissions add additional pressure on operators. These multiple factors can make managing to keep commercial vehicles running on the road while making a profit a real struggle at times for enterprises.

To answer these issues, Millers Oils has produced vehicle lubricants that keep commercial vehicles operating at optimal performance, avoiding costs of expensive repairs and downtime.

Serving industrial enterprises

The industrial sector encompasses a vast variety of lubricant requirements, from general day-to-day maintenance to intense pressure oils for gearboxes. It also covers some of the most demanding processes and applications involving complex components and materials in important industries, such as aerospace.

Millers Oils comprehends the relentless pressures faced by its customers to cut their operating costs, improve efficiency and output, reduce unscheduled equipment downtime and cut power consumption, while always maintaining a secure working environment for their employees.

In order to answer the multiple challenges effectively, Millers Oils not only engineers and supplies a full range of powerful industrial lubricants, but it has also established and operates Millers-Xtra, a complete managements service for all fluids employed onsite. This dedicated service provides industrial enterprises peace of mind, empowering them to give their full attention to their core business.

Process oils

Employed as extenders and plasticisers, process oils are utilised by a long list of manufacturing industries, as well as serving as processing aids for anti-caking and de-dusting applications. Millers Oils provides premium process oils designed to tick all these boxes, ensuing manufacturing operations can keep their equipment working smoothly and safely for longer.

Off-highway and solutions for agricultural and off-road equipment

From large farming operations in rural areas to companies requiring off-road plant equipment, Millers Oils customers can benefit from an extensive array of solutions. Dedicated gear oils, hydraulic and transmission fluids, engine oils and greases have all been specially designed to cope with the exacting conditions required by this type of equipment and to ensure it keeps operating effectively, delivering premium levels of production.

All products offered by Millers Oils are cost-effective, dependable lubrication solutions built for machinery that must work at incredible rates, helping to extend drain intervals and cut back equipment downtime.

Expert oils for all applications

Millers Oils understands that selecting the correct oil for any application can have a huge effect on an enterprise’s products and operations. With this in mind, it not only offers these dedicated lubricants, but also a wide array of solutions built bespoke to businesses’ individual requirements. From expertly developed oils for passenger cars and transport vehicles to those used by industrial and agricultural enterprises to keep equipment running at optimum, Millers Oils has every sector covered with premium lubrication solutions.

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