Fuchs Ecocool CGF ND



Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals, steel and nickel chromium steels, ECOCOOL CGF ND is a water soluble, synthetic grinding fluid. In line with FUCHS environmental awareness programme, ECOCOOL CGF ND is sodium nitrite free and contains alternative corrosion inhibitors which provide proven corrosion protection. In addition, and in line with current trends in certain European markets, ECOCOOL CGF ND no longer uses diethanolamine in its formulation. ECOCOOL CGF ND has an in-built ability to reject contaminants such as lubricating oil and is particularly good at allowing the rapid settlement of metallic fines and wheel debris whilst promoting resistance to wheel glazing. Cost effectiveness is afforded by the fluid?s low foaming characteristics which helps promote an exceptionally long working life. ECOCOOL CGF ND displays excellent cooling, wetting and flushing characteristics, essential to most grinding operations.

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Weight 20 kg
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20L, 205L