Industrial Drying

Industrial Drying Processes Heat Transfer Fluids

From commercial operations to sites working in the healthcare sector, operations often involve large-scale drying processes which require solutions to help manage temperatures. As a result, specialist lubrication manufacturers like Paratherm have engineered cutting-edge industrial drying processes heat transfer fluids that deliver responsive temperature control and multiple business benefits.

Specifically engineered heat transfer fluids are used in an extensive list of industries from municipal and commercial laundry services to healthcare facilities and hospitality businesses. Paratherm’s heat transfer fluids serve a wide range of industrial drying equipment, allowing enterprises and operation to benefit from clean running fluids that present minimal fouling potential and a longer active service life.

Transfer fluids are used in the increasingly popular thermal oil systems employed to heat up flatwork ironers which offer enhanced productivity per floor space unit. Fluids are broadly accepted by the industry and are approved by leading laundry equipment manufacturers.

If your site requires a reliable supply of industrial drying processes heat transfer fluids like the state-of-the-art products developed by Paratherm, you can trust our knowledgeable team here at Oil Store. Check out our available product range listed below or reach out to us today for more information on a specific listing.