Oil Gas

Oil & Gas Processing Heat Transfer Fluids

Every industry requires unique fluids and lubricants to ensure that techniques and processes involved are completed accurately and effectively. For firms and facilities working in oil and gas production, this remains true. Expert lubricant makers such as Paratherm have developed heat transfer fluids that are expertly designed to aid operations where uniform precision heating is essential.

Oil & gas processing heat transfer fluids created by Paratherm are widely used in multiple gas and oil production techniques. For instance, processes which are temperature sensitive such as high-efficiency distillation and amine regeneration are both well served by Paratherm’s cutting-edge fluids, which offer responsive temperature control for vital process operations.

Paratherm’s heat transfer fluids, technical services and system cleaning fluids are employed in petroleum refining operations and gas processing, used oil recycling and alternative fuels facilities and are designed to handle the most intense refining and distillation applications.

If your operation needs oil & gas processing heat transfer fluids like those formulated by Paratherm, you can always count on our expert team here at Oil Store. Examine our selection of specialist heat transfer fluids below or get in contact with us if you require further details on a particular product.