Extraction Sciences

Extraction Sciences Heat Transfer Fluids

Every sector requires dedicated fluids and lubrication solutions for the key processes involved and the extraction sciences segment is no exception. Leading commercial and industrial manufacturers like Paratherm now produce advanced heat transfer fluids designed for use in low temperature fractionation and extraction techniques to help operations in the industry face the multiple challenges of their field.

Paratherm’s fluids are designed to replace the hazardous solvents previously used by the industry that pose toxicity and safety concerns for operations. These unique low-temperature fluids are also widely used as a low-maintenance alternative to silicones and glycols due to their enhanced efficiency.

Cutting-edge heat transfer fluids from Paratherm’s range offer a wide range of advantages. Fluid technologies are available along with a full spectrum of temperature applications including low, medium and high with capabilities ranging from -80°C to 371°C. NSF approved fluids are also included that comply with all FDA food grade safety requirements.

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